Daenerys Becomes the Wheel

Dani always wanted a different life, a better life for those around her, but the ultimate goal was the Iron Throne. Everything in her life was done towards that end. As fans we overlooked her atrocities because she killed the ‘bad guys’, but make no mistake, Dani’s impulse was to return blood for blood and then some. She favored the grotesque and severe. It was only through her advisers that she ever showed mercy. Dani became the Tyrant, and she showed as much when talking to Jon for the final time.

Her death would come at the hands of Jon or Arya. The way Jon did it was brilliant. He tried like mad to have her convince him she was not a tyrant, but all she did was convince him. He had no choice. It was Jon who finally broke the wheel. Her death came quick, and the thing I liked, the shot wasn’t of the ‘gut stab’ Hollywood favors, but a true strike to the heart.

The Mind of a Dragon in the Game of Thrones Finale

Drogon in Game of Thrones Finale

As well acted as Dani’s death scene was, it was even better when Drogon arrived. I knew she would die, but my big questions were what about the Unsullied, Dothraki and especially Drogon. When Drogon landed next to Dani and Jon, my first thought was ‘Oh shit. Here we go.’ Jon’s survival was not guaranteed, and I was betting on his death somehow. I thought Drogon was going to either eat him or fry him.

Drogon nudging Dani’s body was so sad. He was like a giant puppy. What really intrigued me was when Drogon lost it, roared and spewed fire. He targeted the Iron Throne! He melted it with a vengeance as if he knew that was the source of the poison that overtook Dani. Also, why did he spare Jon? Was it his Targaryen blood? Was it his relationship to Dani? We need the story of Bran interacting with the mind of Drogon.