With the news of Jason’s mother passing he and the rest of the Omega’s come back from the “peace conference” for the funeral. While Andros is dealing with the Xurix and trying to find The Astromegaship. he takes matters into his own hands…..

Death in the Family

The feeling is heavy as Jason and his Father lay his mother to rest. As everyone is wishing condolences, Ernie shares a funny anecdote about his mother that chokes him up. but as always Ernie segways into helping be a good host even if it wasn’t his gathering.

After everyone had left Jason and his obviously distraught father attempt to have a discussion about what comes next. His father’s health is in decline too so Jason is ready to move back home and take care of his dad. His dad cuts him right off and says he’s selling the house and moving in with his sister. Jason isn’t beholden to anyone anymore.

The team and even Zordon try to help console Jason. He goes on to say that he has nowhere to focus his rage and ever the stalwart ranger is ready to just get back to work.

Is Safehaven really that SAFE?

Andros and Xi are interrogating a Xurix prisoner, who is none too cooperative. Once Xi calls it a night this new moody emo Andros goes in and works on a “more direct approach”. The Xurix explains the next day that he is just a lowly drone and doesn’t know many things above his pay grade. But that the Astro Megaship could be getting reversed engineered for the Xurix’s use. Xi then puts him in stasis in a very familiar-looking dumpster. followed by putting him in long-term storage before being sent and tried but SPD.

But that wasn’t all of it. During the previous night’s “direct approach” Andros and the Xurix came up with a scheme. where in which Andros would be able to get access to the storage unit. We start to see new speech bubbles with a very harsh font on a black background. Is this a voice inside Andros’ head pushing him to seek vengeance for the death of KO-35? On a lone pedestal sits a storage bin, after blasting it open Anrods finds……….. another Omega Morpher.

Thoughts from THE GRID

This issue had a lot for Jason to unpack. I hope this will have long-term effects on him and the way he chooses to save the universe. The few panels with Zack sharing about Journey were a nice break from the other heavier overtones. Yale looked adorable as always!

As far as Emo Andros goes is this the tie-in to the Death Ranger? Like i have mentioned before the Unlimited issues were a great add-on to what was happening in the universe parallel to the ranger’s story. This time it seems like this will be a complete tie-in! We have seen from the preview pages in the CHARGE TO 100 that Zhane will also be making an appearance so is this next arc going to be what puts Zhane into his cryo-stasis hidden on the Megaship?

There are so many things to speculate on, and THAT is why I love doing these comic reviews!

Covers for Jason

Guillaume Martinez’s and Daniele Di Nicuolo’s covers both come in FULL ART variants that you can purchase at your LCS.

Also out today is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Necessary Evil II Deluxe Edition Hardcover. Covering Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #48-55, Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #29-32, the 12-part story told on the covers of Necessary Evil, and Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1 along with a brand new exclusive short story. This all leads up to the 2 concurrent runs of MIGHTY MORPHIN and POWER RANGERS.

Also, like the early runs, Raul Allen’s cover for both #20 issues makes a large 2-panel piece using the swords as a transition piece!

What did you think of this issue? Was the pace a story telling a nice change of scenery? let us know in the comments below!

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