Stand up comic, Chris D’Elia,”Constance Wu is a piece of shit!”

Recently, on The Fighter And The Kid podcast, Chris D’Elia and host Bryan Callen went on a hilarious rant about the actress Constance Wu. Normally, former MMA star turned comic, Brendan Schaub, co-hosts with Callen. This episode, D’Elia was sitting in as co-host.

Previously, we reported about Wu’s recent casting in the upcoming film Lost Planet. Now, it seems her future plans may have been ruined with the recent renewal of her television series, Fresh Off The Boat. Whatever the actress had planned, there is obviously conflict preventing her from taking on new projects.

Constance Wu’s Dislike

Most actors are grateful to be on a show popular enough to last six seasons. Instead, Wu went onto social media to complain. When ABC posted news about the Fresh Off The Boat renewal, Wu immediately commented, “DISLIKE” on the post. So, how did Chris D’Elia respond to Constance Wu’s complaints?

Now, hit play on the video above and enjoy the rant. Caution, extremely foul and entertaining language is used. Yes, they say FUCK and SHIT a lot, deal with it.

Constance Wu complains about Fresh Off The Boat renewal
In addition to being ungrateful, Wu also tried to cry “victim!”
(ask Jessie Smoulette how that worked out.)