fire engulfing the iron throne
Melting the Iron Throne

Our beloved Game of Thrones has come to an end. Unfortunately, message boards and social media are lit up with hate and disgust. In today’s world I wish I could say I was surprised. It is the cool thing in today’s culture to hate what is popular. Was this some epic conclusion to our beloved series? Not really, but the Game of Thrones finale is the ending we deserve.

Whiners Need Not Apply

Was this some sort of perfect ending? No. In actuality, when shows are given a chance to conclude on their own versus being cancelled, it can often be hard to find a way to end them correctly in a way fans will enjoy. M*A*S*H* is the example of a perfect ending. Battlestar Galactica was an example of a mediocre ending, and as for Lost fans, they would rather forget their finale all together.

Before we delve into what went wrong and right, lets weed out the whiners. The whiners are the ones who have nothing more to say than “Person X should have killed person Y” or “the show didn’t end the way I wanted it too.” If this is all you have then you have not been paying attention to the shows formula for the past 8 seasons. This show made its name on doing what no one expected and killing people different from the way fans expected. The Game of Thrones Finale was no different.

It is perfectly fine to wish things might have been different here or there, but to hate on the show or season just because you didn’t like a direction it took is weak. In the end episode 6 gave us the ending we deserve.