Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening in just two weeks at the Disneyland Resort. The Disney Cast Member Previews have just started for the land.

All-new information was released about how the Play Disney Parks app will work in the new land.

Disney; Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
The Millennium Falcon at Galaxy’s Edge. (Image: Disney Parks)

Using the App at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The way the app is going to work in the Star Wars addition to the theme park is quite spectacular. Once in the app, you will be able to turn it into your own Galactic Datapad. There will be 4 different functions, and 2 games for the land. Here is fuller description of how the App will work from a Star Wars perspective from WDW News Today:

When visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, travelers will be able to interact with the land in a way unlike anything they’ve seen before in a Disney park, and will be able to play on their Star Wars: Datapad for a landwide interactive experience through the Play Disney Parks mobile app. Through the app, visitors will be able to turn their mobile device into their own Datapad and within it will find several tools at their disposal to use while exploring the planet Batuu, and may even uncover some surprises!”

WDW News Today

Each function serves a purpose in the land, and you will be able to unlock some awesome things as you travel through Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The Galactic Datapad Tools

One function is that you can hack into droids and certain door panels to find their memories.

Another function is the scanning tool. This tool will allow you to peck inside of cargo crates while you are walking around the land.

The translation tool is going to come in handy at Galaxy’s Edge. This tool will translate the official Star Wars language of Aurebesh and you can then read signs and see what each message is saying.

The last tool is the tuning tool. This one will let you tune into the antenna and communication devices throughout the land, and you will unlock secret messages with it.

Games Of The Area

There will also be 2 games in the app, one that is a landwide game. And one that you can play while waiting in line For Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run.

The landwide game is called Outpost Control. This one was talked about a little bit last month during the Galaxy’s Edge panel at Star Wars Celebration. Once guests find out whether they are with the Resistance or First Order, they will be working to either deactivate or activate Surveillance Devices. The First Order is placing these devices to spy on the Resistance. Depending on which side wins, they will be rewarded with Galactic Credits.

The other game will be accessible once your in line for Smuggler’s Run. This one will allow you to reroute misplaced cargo, learn how to keep your cover under pressure, and you can also prep the Falcon for your flight.

All Galaxy’s Edge updates for Play Disney Parks will be active next week once they release an update for the Galaxy’s Edge activities.

Source: WDW News Today