Apple TV features a whole host of fantastic programming. From For All Mankind to Dickinson and everything in between, the streaming network has been hitting it out of the park. They’ve got a slew of original series that have reaped the rewards of everyone being trapped inside their homes with little else to do.

Many of these programs, such as For All Mankind and Amazing Stories, require staggering levels of special effects. But would you believe that Dickinson requires its own team of skilled dedicated visual effects artists behind every episode? Yes, the series that explores the coming-of-age of the young American poet. It needs lots of VFX shots.

Holdup, What?!

Hailee Steinfeld as Emily Dickinson

That’s right! Apart from the obvious Death Carriage pulled by Ghost Horses, Dickinson is filled with a surprising amount of post-production visual effects. Used not only to enhance the on-set set construction and decor painstakingly arranged by skilled craftspeople; but also to construct entire sets and structures to fool your eye into seeing 19th century New England!

Who Is This Master of Wizardry?

Lotta Forssman, Visual Effects Supervisor
Molecule VFX

The Visual Effects Team in charge of setting Dickinson into the world of 1830s Amherst, Massachusetts comes from the New York offices of Molecule VFX. A team of anywhere from 45 to 75 artists (depending on the episode) is led by Lotta Forssman, Visual Effects Supervisor for Molecule and all around awesome person!

Lotta worked closely with Dickinson production designer Neil Patel. They used visual effects added in post-production to extend the physical sets he built for the show. One of the main focuses of the series is Emily’s Federal Style home. The crew traveled to Amherst to get footage of to ensure the set was an accurate replica.

Check out the video above!

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