Game of Thrones Finale: They Nailed the Story Arcs

We may have issues with some of the things from season 8 and episode 6, but they did do a lot of things right. Once the passions cool and people let go of expectations that were too high to begin with, I hope people can sit back and enjoy what was done.

The Starks

The story arcs for all the characters ended almost exactly where they were angled all the way back in season 1. Arya didn’t want court life. She wanted a life of adventure and excitement. Now she sails the sea looking for what MIGHT be out there. Jon may have had the blood for more, but he never wanted it. He wanted a simple life and the Night Watch was perfect. Now he either rejoins them or joins the wildlings with Ghost at his side. Sansa wanted the courtly life and the titles of Queen. She learned at the feet of the worst how to be one of the best. She is Queen of the North and should have a great rule. As for Bran, he was a helluva climber and climbed the ultimate ladder.

The Lannisters

Jamie, Cersei, Tyrion lannister
Last of the Lannisters

As much as we hoped for something different, Jamie remains Jamie. He loved Cersei and never gave up on that. Hence, he dies with her. Cersei is the only person who lost everything. As much as we wanted her to either stand trial and roast or be assassinated, she lost everything and was utterly broken. Knowing even her child was going to die, destroyed her. Tyrion remained loyal when anyone else would have broken and run. He used the greatest of intentions and compassion galore to guide him, but it bit him in the ass at every turn. In the end he retained the seat that best suits him. Funny how of the three kings he has been Hand for, this is the first time we see Tyrion worry about how things will go.

The Other Notables

Brienne became head of the King’s Guard, something she wanted ever since we first met her. Bron sits right there with Bran as the top ladder climber. He wanted a castle and lordship, and he received exactly that. Sam wanted a simple life and family and use his mind. As Maester and lord of his lands, he has all of that in spades.