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The biggest complaint that has the most credibility is those saying the season was too rushed. I do agree with this. It felt a lot like Revenge of the Sith. George Lucas tried to cram so much story into the final film that it seemed cramped and rushed. Season 8 does as well, but I also think there are a few reasons for it.

One big problem I think has to deal with the set up of the show. Benioff and Weiss demonstrated very early on that the show’s seasons would line up with the books. One season would equal one book. This meant thing had to be cut out of the books and condensed in the tv show. There was so much going on in the last season (season and a half), the show needed to be longer. Whether it was more episodes or longer episodes, they needed more time to fully flush out final ideas and choices. Especially with the Game of Thrones finale.

Game of Thrones Finale: Problems with Immortality

PHOTOS OF THE YOUNG CAST OF GAME OF THRONES Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Alfie Allen, Richard Madden, Kit Harington, George R. R. Martin

Another time problem was the show itself. Actors have been tied up with this series for the past decade of their lives. Many were new faces fresh to Hollywood. There were few if any complaints from the cast, but with many trying to branch out into other films and projects, it was time to end the show.

Many complained about not spending enough time on this person or this conflict. To be honest, if you change any one thing in the final season, you, by ripple effect, have just added 1-2 episodes or a whole new season. That makes produing the Game of Thrones finale far more difficult.

You also have the one simple fact with this show. It is truly immortal save for one point. This show could have added seasons galore and kept going. There was so much to follow and expand upon, this show could have continued forever like the Simpsons or a soap opera. The one small glitch was we were running out of characters. The first few seasons watched the younger generation stepping up as thee older generation died off. The show was no longer doing that, so by default it had to end.