Small Council – Big Laughs

Game of Thrones finale

I loved the final scene with the brand new Small Council. Tyrion sweats his new gig with his new members. He straightens chairs and aligns everything perfectly. The council comes in and immediately disorganizes everything to his frustration. When Sam presented the official history of the wars, I laughed when Tyrion found out the book didn’t mention him once despite everything. It was definitely one of the more comical moments of the Game of Thrones finale.

As we learn what each member is now the Master of, they give a quick update of what they oversaw and a remark that fit their personality. It becomes quickly apparent that brothels will receive a place of honor with the Master of Coin. They could make a series with this cast alone.

Time Will Tell

Hopefully as fans let go of the hate and expectations, they can love this season and series for what it was. It may not be what we wanted, but this show gave us what both the show and fans deserve.

The Future of Our Characters