What does it take to become a classic character in Star Wars? One thing is for certain: It’s not screen time. Darth Vader only appeared in the original Star Wars for approximately eight minutes. Boba Fett was barely in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi combined. Yet, nearly forty years later, fans still want to see a stand-alone Boba Fett movie or series. Based on a recent photo shoot, it seems another, low-screen-time-yet-still classic character is returning to Star Wars.

Millennium Falcon; Rise of Skywalker; Classic Character
Is Lando once again Captain of the Millennium Falcon?
(Image: Annie Liebowitz for Vanity Fair)

Vanity Fair recently ran a cover story with a plethora of set photos from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. One of those photos shows Lando Calrissian back at the controls of his old ship, the Millennium Falcon. Look closer, however, and you’ll see a hint of the return of another, classic character from The Empire Strikes Back.

Is Classic Character Lobot Returning to Star Wars?

Movieweb recently picked up on tweet from Twitter user Rik Villanueva.  Rik, it seems, noticed a very small yet potentially important detail in the photo above. Look closely and you’ll see… well, take a look:

Aside from wearing it on a different wrist, Lando appears to nevertheless be wearing the same wrist transmitter he used to communicate with Lobot in Empire. Lobot was Lando’s right hand in running Cloud City. The cyborg would continue that role well beyond the events of Return of the Jedi, too. Yes, the classic character escaped Cloud City and survived. The Han Solo/Lando stand-alone novel Last Shot confirmed Lobot’s continued existence and service to Lando.

Classic Character Lobot; Star Wars
Lando And Lobot plot their escape in The Empire Strikes Back. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

This little tidbit of information raises all kinds of questions. Will Poe, Finn and Chewbacca find the suave smuggler still administering Cloudy City? And regardless of where they find him, will the classic character of Lobot still be at his side? And… do cyborg’s age? I mean, Lobot was already bald. I guess we’ll (hopefully) find out answers to all these questions come December.

Star Wars: Episode IX opens December 20 in theaters everywhere.

Source: Movieweb