In Season 5, Episode 8 of Star Trek: Discovery, titled “Labyrinths,” Moll attends L’ak’s funeral, and even the Primarch leverages to garner broader Breen support. Still, Moll is determined to find the Progenitor’s technology, believing it holds the key to resurrecting L’ak. This sets the stage for an inevitable conflict between Moll and the Primarch, as the Breen generally view Moll (a non-Breen) as inferior, yet she is still the Scion’s (L’ak’s) widow. 

Meanwhile, the crew of Discovery finds the Eternal Gallery and Archive in the Badlands, a place of immense historical value. The librarian extends an invitation to Discovery with a specific request that Book join as well; the archive has a Kwejian artifact that could benefit from his contextual knowledge. Accompanied by Book, Michael visits the Archive to read Labyrinths of the Mind and decipher the next clue. While Michael delves into the text, the caretaker guides Book to the Kwejian artifact.

After Book examines the artifact and explains its significance to the librarian, Book returns to find Michael unconscious. It turns out Labyrinths of the Mind is a mental puzzle and Michael’s consciousness is trapped within. In this mental maze, she encounters a guide resembling Book, who informs her that she must navigate her way out and thus find the next clue.

Elena Juatco as Hy’Rell in Star Trek: Discovery, episode 8, season 5

During Michael’s “coma,” the Breen arrive at the Archive, displaying blatant disregard for its sanctity. They demand the clue that Michael is examining, threatening to destroy the Archive and its treasures, including valuable Breen artifacts if they do not get what they want. The Archive’s refusal infuriates the Primarch who orders an attack on the archive. Moll is appalled by the Primarch’s disrespect for Breen heritage, escalating the tension between the two. The Breen go forward with their attack on the Archive to seize the next clue.

Inside her mind, Michael struggles with the labyrinth, repeatedly failing to find the correct way out. Meanwhile, on Discovery, the crew is attempting to defend themselves AND the archive from the Breen attack. In Engineering, Stamets and Reno manage to disable the Breen weapons, enabling them to protect the Archive and beam to Michael where she lays comatose. 

Trapped in her mental maze, Michael reaches a breaking point, admitting to her guide her perceived failures as a leader, friend, and partner. This vulnerability proves to be the key to solving the labyrinth. The guide reveals the final clue’s location, and offers guidance for her eventual journey once they find the Progenitor’s technology location (though the specifics are withheld from the audience).

Eve Harlow as Moll in Star Trek: Discovery, episode 8, season 5

Upon waking, Michael takes the final clue and beams back to Discovery, ready to tackle the Breen threat. The Primarch, having regained control of his weapons, threatens to destroy Discovery and the Archive unless she sends him all of the clues assembled. She decides to give him what he wants in order to prevent the destruction of the Archive and Discovery. To ensure their safety, she secures a sacred oath, a Tergoon, from the Primarch. However, after receiving the artifacts, he betrays his oath and orders an attack on Discovery. On the Breen ship, Moll condemns the Primarch for his dishonor and reckless ambition. She tells him that his actions will start a war with the Federation. This prompts the crew to turn against him. They rally behind Moll, determined to locate the Progenitor’s technology and resurrect L’ak. 

This has been my favorite episode of the season. I always love when Star Trek explores other cultures, especially one as mysterious as the Breen! Moll is a complex character, driven exclusively by love, and the Breen (loyal to their Scion) are ready to follow her. At the same time, I’m curious what lays at the end of the bread crumb trail. Next week is the penultimate episode, so will we find the technology at last? 

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