At the end of Max’s Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 202, we saw Bloody Rose Waters murder, Sandy. Imogen is trying to get a job at an ice cream parlor, and Mouse has a quick video chat with Bloody Rose Waters herself. So this week’s episode starts with Mouse watching what seems to be a reenactment video on Spooky Spaghetti. The video shows Angela visiting Archie in his cage for his sweet 16. That’s not all. Archie hands Angela a drawing of their mother with a bloody face.

We then cut to Mouse seeing that their private phone numbers have been posted on the website. So, she calls an emergency meeting. Mouse tells the other girls about the video conversation of Bloody Rose threatening her. Then, they all share how they all got a call from an unknown person. And to top it off, Mouse shares that their private numbers are on the Spooky Spaghetti and have no idea how they got there. When trying to figure it out, they realize they have shared their private numbers with people like Christian, the ice cream parlor, Jen, etc. but it doesn’t make sense how someone would have all their numbers.

To break the tension and change the subject, Mouse shares that it’s her 16th birthday and wants to throw a party. However, the girls don’t think it’s a good idea, not with Bloody Rose Waters calling them. So, during Mouse’s therapy session later that day, she shared with Dr. Sullivan how her grandmother saw someone who wasn’t there and didn’t remember it. She also shares the prank video call. Mouse says that she’s not afraid, but annoyed she’s not having a party. She feels like it’s not that her friends don’t like her it’s more that they can’t be bothered. 

SURPRISE – Operation Sweet 16: the girls are planning a Xanadu-themed surprise party for Mouse. And in other good news, Mouse was able to get the post with their numbers taken down!


At the church, we learn that either no one knows that Sandy is dead or they’re lying about it. The story being told is that Sandy went to the cape to spend time with her family. That means good news for Kelly, and she gets the role she wanted opposite Greg.

Moving onto Noa. Noa asks Jen if she shared her number with anyone. To which she answers no. Then, their manager interrupts saying that $20 is missing from the register. Obviously, Jen is stealing, but Noa covers her. Then quickly takes her outside to confront her about it. Jen is incredibly dismissive about it which is really shitty. Noa is understandably pissed because this is all she has. She has to pay her bills while her mother is away in rehab. This stunt could have put her job in jeopardy.

So, Noa is giving Jen the silent treatment for the rest of the time at work. That is until these douchbag guys are leaving and messing with Jen. Jen has a surprising reaction running away from them. So, Noa confronts them cussing them out and taking the tip money for her. Noa apologizes to Jen for those guys’ behavior and for giving her the silent treatment. Personally, this is ridiculous. Noa has nothing to apologize for, but whatever. She then also invites Jen to Mouse’s Surprise Bday Party.


Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (Eps 203)

At the pool, the boys are boying hard and put a string bikini in her locker as a “joke”. This is the perfect example of how boys shouldn’t act and I hope people take notes. Of course, Faran takes no shit from anyone and, as their boss, gets back at them by making them plank. Later, when talking to Henry about it he shows her the Redemption House flyer and is excited that he’s going to be playing a few roles. Faran tries to vent to him about the problems with the guys at work and he gives her terrible advice. He wants her to stop being a hard ass and be more “one of the guys”.

Faran is better than me because she actually does that. When seeing her lifeguard ASLEEP on the job she pulls a prank on him. The team puts a dummy on the bottom of the pool, she blows the whistle and the sleeping lifeguard jumps awake and into action. However, it doesn’t fix anything. Later, the guys are messing around and there’s no lifeguard in the chair paying attention. So, there’s a real almost drowning. Faran has to dive in and save a little girl. She’s done playing nice and fires him. I love seeing her in her power. She’s back, this job is life or death and there’s no messing around anymore.

Faran shares about her wild day with Henry who I just have to remember is a high school boyfriend. So, while he’s not the worst, is figuring things out himself. Faran also finally shares how she’s been lying about not being cleared to dance. Henry is understandly hurt and upset about being lied to all these weeks. So, he needs some space and decides not to go to Mouse’s party.


Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (Eps 203)

Imogen got that job at the ice cream shop with hot boy Johnny. He rolls up to work shirtless on a motorcycle and Imogen can barely contain herself. However, while working Johnny flirst with everyone and she is getting incredibly jealous. At one point Imogen even tries to warn one of the girls he’s been flirting with that she’s not special. This girl shocked me. Instead of thanking her she goes off on Imogen. Johnny figures out what’s going on and schools Imogen to stay out of his business. Kelly eventually pops in during all of this and they have an awkward catch. Kelly wants to put up flyers for Redemption House and Imogen says yes.

After work, Imogen goes to talk with Tabitha about what happened with Johnny and she realizes she was in the wrong. So, the next day at work she apologzies to him. Johnny also apologizes to her and reveals that he googled her and saw info on Spooky Spaghetti. He assures her that he’s not one of those guys and understands how she may have been triggered by his flirting. Imogen shares how she hasn’t really been sleeping well and Johnny offers the cot in the back room for a quick nap. There, Imogen has, what to me a while to realize what is was, a dream. It’s one of those dreams where you think you wake up and go about your day until something happens and you realize you’re dreaming. For Imogen, that moment isn’t a song or normal action, it’s Bloody Rose Waters choking her by the dumpster.

Then, Imogen fully wakes up and is totally out of it. Johnny is concerned for her, but Tabitha arrives just in time. In time for what? To invite Johnny to Mouse’s birthday party on Imogen’s behalf.


Over at Tabitha’s house, her mother comes home and finds Christian sitting on her couch. She is not happy about these two being alone in the house. So, Christian invites Tabby over to his place to watch movies. However, his movie spot is in his basebment…just like Chip. So, of course Tabby is hesitant and nervous to go down there, but it’s 100% a nerd den. It’s decordated in movie memorabilia, his masks are down there.

He shares how he’s obsessed with Fangoria, the Makeup icon Tom Savini, and more. He even offers this space to her to use as a work space for her projects. We also learn that Christian’s parents are visual artist. Here’s the thing. Nothing that is said in passing in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is never passive. This has to come into play later. Part of me wonders if they’re the ones filming the reinactments of the Waters family.

Speaking of which, when Christian runs upstairs, Tabitha begins snooping. She sees lockers in the corner and when she opens them she sees replica masks of Archie’s and Bloody Rose Waters. I don’t think Christian is either of them, and neither does Tabitha. When talking with Imogen about everything she thinks he’s just an obsessed horror fan who reminds her of Chip. So, she’s triggered. Later, Tabitha apologizes to Christian for freaking out. Of course, he feels terrible for ever making her feel that way. He shares he made the masks before he knew her. Tabitha asks him why he wanted to make those masks. He says he saw them on Spooky Spaghetti and felt inspired.

Tabitha then also asks him if he posted her number to the website. He says no. Tabitha then confesses that her film, “Avenge” is autobiographical. The guy in the film was her BFF, Chip. She shares how many similarity Christian has with him, including the movies in the basement. She feels better about being more honest and invites him to Mouse’s Bday party as well. He’s a maybe.


Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (Eps 203)

Thir girls are still finalizng Mouse’s surprise birthday party and keeping the secret. Mouse is spiraling about it. Mouse complains to Ash about how she’s feeling and he can’t keep the secret any longer. I agree with his decision. Mouse needed to know the party was happening. She still doesn’t know anything else about it. Jumping over to the party! It’s adorable! Everything from the location, decor, to the girls wardrobe is spectacular. I love seeing Johnny show up with a tub of ice cream and the girls swarming together to ask Imogen who he is. Christian and Jen show up as well.

It’s time to get Mouse to the party and Lola is incharge of getting her to the location. However, instead of taking Mouse to the rollar rink where the girls are she drops her off at Rosie Ricotta’s (a terrifying play on Chuck E. Cheese). My guess, she was misinformed somehow by Bloody Rose Waters. I don’t understand why Mouse actually when inside and explored. Personally, it wouldn’t have been me, but then we wouldnt’ have a show. So, the inside of the Rosie Ricotta’s is broken down, the puppets are terryifying and the music playing is “3 Blind Mice”. Mouse then finds a cake with a note that says Happy Birthday — “This is your BirthdAy Test. A Final Girl must escape any death trap. You Hide, I seek.”

Mouse tries to run outside, but Bloody Rose Waters has locked her inside. So, she goes to try and find a place to hide. Mouse climbs into a metal cupboard and tries to text her friends — no service. The camera cuts to Bloody Rose Waters wandering around with a knife looking for Mouse.

To cut the tension, we cut back to the party. Kelly is putting together the love connection between Noa and Jen, but no one believes her. We cut over to Lola sitting at a table and Ash walking in to talk to her. He asks for Mouse because he was the one that was supposed to get her to the party. Cut back to Mouse. Bloody Rose Waters has set the place on fire to smoke her out. Mouse has obviously never seen a movie with fire cause she does NOT stay low. Instead he’s swallowing tons of smoke while trying to find her way out. Eventually, she sees an airduct. So she gets inside and crawl her way (hopefully) ourside.

Ash runs to the rollerrink to tell and get the girls. They go to try and find her, but have to figure out which Rosie Ricotta’s Mouse could be at. Fortunately, they figure it out just in time. They show up and they see Mouse outside. She tells them it was Bloody Rose Waters and, “It has started again!”

The anxiety was HIGH during this episode. I was on the edge of my seat the entire final act. This is how you do a YA Horror Series!