Fans got the Transformers movie they wanted with Bumblebee. When I saw there would be a new Transformers comic title, however, and came across Transformers #1, I picked it up out of curiosity. There have been many titles covering many different aspects of the Transformers in many different versions and timelines over the years. I flipped the pages of this one with a casual interest. Cool. A new Transformer named Rubble. As the pages continued and I saw Cybertron in all its glory with some breathtaking artistry of the planet, I became more and more hooked. This title promises to be something special.

Cover To Cover…To Cover…To Cover…

Holy clone-a-vision Batman! There are a TON of covers for Transformers #1, and they all rock. Each has its own style and shows what is going on in their own way as well. Look at them all if you can because you will have a hard choice choosing which one is your favorite.

Transformers #1: The Story So Far…

I find it fascinating that the first summary page of this issue starts out with “story so far” when there really isn’t one yet. I mean NO history goes before this issue. This title is picking up on Cybertron, during the cycles before the great war. Optimus Prime does not exist. He is still Orion Pax. Not only that but these are the days when he was friends with Megatron. These are the early days of Cybertron itself in many regards.

This issue basically falls into two categories – Orion/Megatron and Bumblebee/Windblade/Rubble. Let’s start with the latter since may may ask who is this Rubble transformer? Don’t recognize him? No one does because he is a brand new transformer!

Little Blue Dude

He is new to life as well as Cybertron. As he chats with his walking buddies, they discuss all sorts of things about Cybertron, taking on an Alt form and more. It felt like a big brother talking to a younger brother about life. This could be one of the great and unique things about this title. The Cybertronian War has been told in a few ways over the years, but this time it looks like it might be shown to us through the eyes of a brand new, young and naive little guy.

Orion and Megatron

The other side of Transformers #1 spells out the relationship between Orion and Megatron. As of yet, there are no Decepticons. Megatron is leading a group of transformers called Ascenticons. Megatron and Orion are still friends, but this brief meeting shows the stresses that are being put on the friendship because of the happenings on Cybertron.

Orion and Megatron have a great back and forth to demonstrate this:

Orion: There is barely a cycle between our forgings, Megatron. We have lived through the same times, seen the same things. Are we really so far apart?

Megatron: What does shared time matter, If the lives they measure are different? Nobody sees the same things as anybody else, nobody.

Orion is desperately holding out for peace while Megatron digs in for a fight. I really hope in the pages ahead we get to see this relationship go through its changes and become what we know as Optimus and Megatron on Earth.

You’ve Got the Touch

One last thing about Transformers #1, and the title in general: With other series the artwork has been all over the board. Some titles have been good while some have been very cartoony and kiddish. The artwork in this title by Angel Hernandez and Cashet Whitman is downright breathtaking!

Transformers #1
A new Transformers character? (Image: IDW)

Not only are we getting our G-1 transformers in their sharpest glory, but they are living on a world of immense beauty, rich in color. The opening pages of this issue as Rubble looks out over Cybertron were gorgeous! Again when Rubble is discovering the life blood of Cybertron, the colors are very sharp and vivid. It has a Tron quality to it.

Transformers #1: Going Forward…

I can’t recommend this title enough. The look, the feel, the classic early G-1 setting are all brilliant. The story itself promises great things lie ahead for all the Transformers. If you have never read about the fall of Cybertron in any depth, this will also be for you. We will get to see the Autobots and Ascenticons devolve into the Autobots Vs the Decepticons and the destruction of Cybertron itself.