WARNING: Article contains spoilers for “Last Shot (Star Wars): A Han and Lando Novel.”

If you’re like me, you devour everything Star Wars. There’s a downside to having such a voracious Star Wars appetite, however. From time to time you’re going to ingest something the taste of which leaves a little to be desired. Enter Last Shot (Star Wars): A Han and Lando Novel.

Penned by New York Times bestselling author Daniel José Older, Last Shot weaves events from Han and Lando’s respective pasts into the present. The reunite in  “real time” by necessity to once again save the galaxy. The story is set in the present and a series of flashbacks for both characters, in which they both encounter a mysterious object that is key to villain Fyzen Gor’s plan to destroy all organic life.


Thrusting our favorite scoundrels into peril, Older propels us across the galaxy as they race against time to find the device and thwart Gor’s plan… in a convoluted mess of a story. Older seems to have trouble with his timelines, first and foremost. Some past events don’t line up with those of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Unfortunately, the film to which this novel was intended to connect.


Last Shot

Last Shot Doesn’t Deliver Enough Backstory

Unfortunately, in Last Shot we get no more insight into Han and Lando’s relationship, past or present, other than cursory snippets. What we get instead is a nonsensical villain; unexplained gaps in time; and an Ewok expert computer slicer.

Yes, you read that correctly. Somehow, in just the few short years between the Battle of Endor and Last Shot, a creature that had barely mastered the use of rocks and sticks as weapons is now somehow proficient with the complexities of computer programming.

That’s just one of the glaring deficiencies with the story. Older’s writing style doesn’t make it any better. Throughout the story he inexplicably refers to a singular Alderaanean human with “they” and “they’re”. Consequently, that causes the reader to stop and question to what he’s referring.

If you want to ensure that you experience everything in the Star Wars canon, the by all means, read it. The truth is, though, that this novel adds little to the overall experience. Last Shot simply misses its mark.