Rey….what? (option 1)

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We come to our final candidate and honestly, our most likely.  JJ Abrams has been falling all over himself, talking about how Episode IX is going to reopen the issue of Rey’s parentage.  Is Rey Skywalker about to rise?  Saying yes here seems a pretty safe bet, but how can she be a Skywalker?  There are actually two answers to that.

First off, you have the easy answer.  Skywalker got around in his day.  He somehow meets a woman and bing-bang-badda-boom she gets pregnant.  Would Luke abandon a child or mother-to-be.  Pretty safe bet to that question is no.  That runs contrary to the Skywalker bloodline and its history of holding onto family.  The alternative is mom finds out she’s expecting and takes off.  Luke is none the wiser – just like his father before him.

If this is indeed the case, all signs point to the AWOL mom as being the character played by Keri Russell.  She could be Mara Jade, or a copy of the character from the legends books. Keri was not at Celebration.  She has not been seen or heard from since the casting report that she is indeed in the film even though her name does appear on the official cast list.  All we have is a photo of her from the poster in an all red jumpsuit with a helmet.  Given Ian was so expertly hidden until the Celebration trailer, her secrecy could be a giant red flag.

Is Keri Russell the mother to the hidden Skywalker Child?

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