Spooky season is approaching soon for Universal Studios Florida! Universal delivered a new announcement based off the long history and legacy for Halloween Horror Nights. Celebrating it’s 30th anniversary, they’ll be bringing an original house: Halloween Horror Nights: Icons Captured. Guests will meet face to face with their favorite icons ranging from Jack the Clown and much more.

Here’s what guests can expect for what terror lurks ahead:

  • The Caretaker: A former and known surgeon who has become a different person with the removal of internal organs. Especially when his victims are still alive.
  • The Director: A aspiring filmmaker obsessed with capturing the suffering and torture of his victims on film. As his victims live out their own horror movie.
  • The Usher: A movie usher that will seek vengeance for anyone inside of his theater doesn’t full his rules for “good behavior”
  • The Storyteller: She traps guests for reading nightmare tales, as no one lives happily ever after.
  • Jack the Clown: The OG of Halloween Horror Nights and with his duo partner, Chance. The two of them thrive on tormenting victims with their sick and twisted minds.

Universal did detail that guests will get a different result each time they do the house. Similar how when Freddy vs. Jason was at the event for the past years. “Who’s the most evil of them all? Depending when you visit a different Icon will reign supreme,” according to their official website.

Other Good News

If you have been patiently waiting for the news for Frequent Fear and Rush of Fear passes, well good news, they’re officially on sale! They are basically a season pass for HHN Orlando this year. To purchase them visit the link here for information.


Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights runs from September 3rd to October 31st for selected nights. If you have missed the previous announcements for what’s ahead by visiting here. Which HHN icon is your favorite and leave it down in the comments down below! My eyes are laying on Lady Luck.

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