Force visions are nothing new when it comes to Star Wars. Anakin and Luke Skywalker had them in the prequel and original trilogy films, respectively. Other force-wielders, notably Quinlan Vos and Yoda in the Clone Wars and Ezra Bridger in Rebels, also had them. Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens, however, is a game changer. Closer scrutiny of that vision may have revealed that she saw a fabled Jedi temple.

What Exactly Did Rey See in Her Vision?

Jedi Temples

Rey sees Bespin in her ‘Force Awakens’ vision. (Image: Lucasfilm.)

The answer to that question is “a lot of things.” J.J. Abrams packed quite a visual punch in Rey’s psychometric vision upon picking up Luke’s lightsaber. (For those unaware, psychometry is a rare Force ability that allows someone to experience Force visions upon touching an object. Those visions are usually directly associated with the object itself. More on that later….) Rey saw Bespin, visions of her early childhood and, most importantly, the Knights of Ren.

Until now fans have focused on the Knights themselves. Conversely, the folks at Screen Rant focused on the background. When you lighten the photo, a structure becomes clear as day in the background, and it looks remarkably like a Jedi temple we’ve seen before.

Rey’s Vision and a Jedi Temple

Jedi Temples

Image: Lucasfilm

A central tower flanked by two spikes looms in the distance behind the Knights of Ren in Rey’s vision. There’s no question that it bears a resemblance to the first Jedi temple, which stood on Ahch-To in the form of a Force Tree. Similarly, the structure in Rey’s vision also shares many characteristics with the Jedi temple found on Lothal in Star Wars Rebels.

Jedi Temples

Jedi Temple of Lothal. (Image: Disney)

So what is the significance of a Jedi temple appearing in Rey’s vision? Now that J.J. Abrams is back to direct Star Wars: Episode IX, we may get an answer. But here are a couple other thoughts to ponder: as I mentioned, psychometric visions usually tie directly to the object touched, and those associated with it. Rey touched Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. Does that mean Luke went in search of another Jedi temple before finding Ahch-To?

More importantly, if Rey’s vision is tied to the object she touches and its owner…. Why would she see her own past when she touched the saber, her parent’s seemingly leaving her behind? Unless, of course, Luke Skywalker was the one flying away….

Food for thought. We’ll (hopefully) find out what Rey’s vision meant, and if the structure was in fact a Jedi temple, when Episode IX hits theaters in December, 2019.

Source: Screen Rant