More news leaked from The Mandalorian!  Sure, we still lack any official announcements from Lucasfilm on casting. However, according to the Making Star Wars podcast, Carl Weathers looks poised to join the cast of The Mandalorian on Disney +.

No information has surfaced on Carl Weathers’ role in the series, nor how long the role may last.  In the movies, casting a major star in Star Wars doesn’t mean we will even see the actor on screen. It certainly doesn’t mean they’ll have a major part.  For a streaming service, though, I would think any stars cast will get a decent sized role front and center even if only for an episode.

Carl Weathers: Action Hero

Carl Weathers is an accomplished actor that some may not know in today’s acting world.  He acted in some television series recently, but his claims to fame are from the 70s and 80s.  Carl’s most well known role is from the Rocky franchise where he played Apollo Creed, Rocky’s opponent, then friend before dying in Rocky IV.  Carl has also starred in major classic films like Predator with Arnold Shwarzenegger, Action Jackson, and Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler.


Carl Weathers brings a presence and grit to his acting roles that should fit well with what fans are thinking The Mandalorian should be.  He would make a great role model and teacher, or he could run crime syndicates and underworld clubs.  Here is hoping he receives a meaty roll for at least most of the first season.  Carl is a great add to this cast.

Set pictures are leaking out, and casting rumors are now starting to follow. Hopefully official cast announcements are coming soon.  We think Game of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal will be playing the lead role. Again, we have only rumor to go on for  now.  I do not know of any dates or events coming up that could be used as platforms to officially release the cast names, so it could be any day.

Stay tuned here to That Hashtag Show for more information on The Mandalorian as we get closer to release.