The Knights of Ren first entered Star Wars lore in The Force Awakens.  In Rey’s Force vision the Knights stood ominously in the rain, bodies littering the ground around them. So who are these Knights of Ren, exactly?

That question went unanswered. Rian Johnson opted to basically ignore most everything that occurred in Episode VII in The Last Jedi. Now, one fan suggests that we will indeed see the Knights of Ren return in Star Wars Episode IX. While I agree that the Knights of Ren will make an appearance, I’m not necessarily sold on the theories.

According to Movie Web, one Reddit user has posed two interesting theories. The Knights of Ren, angered by Kylo Ren’s murdering their Supreme Leader, will turn on Ren. In doing so, they kill Ren before Rey can offer him another chance at redemption. The second theory has the Knights wading deeper into the Dark Side. They offer Rey a place among them, while Ren and Hux’s infighting leaves the First Order vulnerable to the Resistance. Reddit user u/frerky5 believes the Knights will be akin to Grey Jedi.

kinghts of ren

The Knights of Ren 

First and foremost, set leaks have already hinted at their appearance. Adam Driver is training with six individuals for scenes to be filmed at the Cardington Airship Sheds in October. Six, as astute viewers know, is the number of Knights Rey sees with Kylo Ren in her vision. This tells me that yes, the Knights will appear. I don’t see them turning on Kylo Ren, however. And they certainly will not be Grey Jedi.

The Knights of Ren Will NOT be Grey Jedi

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This theory ignores the key word of the phrase: Jedi. Anyone familiar with the notion of the Grey Jedi knows that they are fundamentally good and generally adhere to basic tenets of the Jedi Code when possible. Nonetheless, the Grey Jedi will veer to the Dark when necessary to achieve their goals.

Universal thought puts Qui-Gon Jin into this category. Likewise, Ahsoka Tano following her departure from the Jedi Order. A group of thugs that murder Jedi-in-training are not Grey Jedi by any means.


A better theory is that they are Sith Acolytes, like Ren, who will help Ren finish what Vader started and attempt to wipe out the Force-users of the galaxy. No matter how, I will nevertheless put my money on Ren’s band of knights appearing in Episode IX in one way or another.

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