Lars Sullivan has a very high goal for himself. With Sullivan being part of the NXT call-ups back in December of last year, he finally has be designated to a brand. We correctly predicted that Lars would end up on Smackdown LIVE. With Sullivan as a part of the Blue Brand of the WWE, he has now set a goal for himself.

Lars Sullivan facing off against R-Truth
Sullivan interrupted R-Truth to confirm he is on Smackdown Live

While replying on his recent Instagram post, one of his followers asked him when he would be World Champion. Sullivan stated that his goal would see him becoming champion in 18 months.

While a year and a half is a very realistic goal for Sullivan, he might have some trouble on Smackdown Live. The additions Finn Balor and Roman Reigns might have pushed Sullivan a little further down the line. Two other names to consider contenders above Lars are Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan. Maybe this is why Sullivan put the 18 month expectation out there. Because while we couldn’t see Lars Sullivan being WWE Champion any time in the near future, the distant future could be another story.