Leia Organa Skywalker Solo

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Have fun signing that signature.  Our beloved Princess was to be the spotlight of this movie, but sadly we lost Carrie Fisher.  We count ourselves lucky she is in this movie at all.  This provides the unique situation where you can’t really grow the character because your actress is dead, and your film usage is finite. 

If Carrie were still with us, we could see Ben’s rebellion as Leia’s excuse to finally rise as a Jedi to confront him.  Since there was likely no footage of this, the odds of this story line are about zero.  Then again, Rise of Skywalker could refer to Leia’s death and ‘rising’ to join the force.  She may become the final martyr the rebellion needs to win.  If she dies, her and Luke could live on in the rebellion as the martyrs that inspired everything.  This is more likely, but I still don’t think she is the focus.

Odds: 20%