LEGO Razor Crest

There’s so much room for activities! (Photo: LEGO)

Pack your Amban rifles and load up on grinjer broth: The LEGO Razor Crest model kit launches into hyperspace (or your shopping cart) tomorrow!

The 1,053-piece starship was announced in late February, fresh off the heels of the acclaimed first season of The Mandalorian. At the time, the LEGO Razor Crest’s September 1 release date seemed light years away. But after the timewarp of a 2020 we’re collectively experiencing, seven months’ wait seems quaint.

This silver and gray gem will be available for purchase at LEGO retailers and the official LEGO website starting today for $129.99 USD. Pre-orders should start shipping around the same time. This LEGO Razor Crest kit is the latest in new toys releasing in anticipation of season 2 of The Mandalorian in October.

So in terms of kit goodness, what does $130 get you? It’s honestly much more than we’d anticipated. According to images on the LEGO website, the Republic-era ship has retractable landing gear, cockpit access and an escape pod. It also comes with five minifigures (Din Djarin, The Child, Greef Karga, IG-11 and a Scout Trooper) and a bounty frozen in carbonite.

But the coolest feature has to be the fold-down hull sides, which give access to the LEGO Razor Crest’s interior. This is similar to the original LEGO Millennium Falcon kits, whose tops open to reveal its various compartments. With the Razor Crest, the fold-down sides reveal ammo holds and a sleeper cell for ol’ Mando to catch some Zzz’s. (But it’s not like protecting the galaxy’s cutest force-wielder grants him much R&R).

The Child

Is there ANY form of Baby Yoda that isn’t disgustingly adorable? (Photo: LEGO)

Expect a full build and review on THS when we receive our LEGO Razor Crest kit. In the meantime, check out more images here. I’d order yours as soon as possible. If history’s any indication, getting your hands on one will be harder than taming a blurrg!