One More Possibility??

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There is one more possibility with the title that has started circulating amongst some fans.  The final theory goes, what if Skywalker quits being a name and becomes a title?  Rey will not become Jedi Rey.  She will become Rey Skywalker.  What if the name Skywalker is no longer a sur name, but a title?  The new force users will be called Skywalkers instead of Jedi.

This is an intriguing possibility, but I don’t know that I buy into it.  It works against everything that has been set up before. After Last Jedi, I think the last thing Luke would want to be is deified, having his name being used as the title of the new order.  It elevates him to too high of a position, and would contradict most his gripes about the old Jedi Order..  Fans may like it, but Luke would not.

You also have the impulses of the galaxy.  All they have ever known is Jedi and to a lesser extent Sith, even though there were other orders out there.  Under Rey the new force users will have a new code, a new way of doing things, but to the rest of the galaxy they will always be – Jedi.

Like I said we will spend the next several months coming up with 101 wrong theories on who the Skywalker rising truly is, but how about it?  Is one of the above the truth? Could it be more than one of the above? Or is there another possibility?