Well, we finally have our title – Rise of Skywalker.  Now we have eight months to guess wildly and find 101 ideas all of which are wrong, but hey, that’s the fun of Star Wars isn’t it?  As of right now we have four possibilities as there are three “usable” Skywalkers left in the galaxy and one possibility – Spirit Luke, Leia, Ben and Rey (possibly).  How likely is it that the title refers to one of these four? Or is there another possibility?  Let’s take a look at what some of the more likely possibilities are from least likely to most likely.

Luke Skywalker

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Luke is currently one with the force.  Many people theorize we will see him in in ghost form and the trailer seems to suggest this even though it could be a voice over either from a different part of the movie or unique to the trailer. 

Could the title refer to him?  It is possible.  In legends force ghosts were limited by how long they could interact with the living world.  Old Ben stayed close Luke while he was training, but post RotJ, Ben did not appear to Luke for five years.  In timothy Zahn’s first book, Heir to the Empire, Ben returns to Luke once more then vanishes forever.  The title could refer to him ascending to a higher force plain by the end of the movie as his job will be done training Rey, but i doubt it.  This movie is centered on the new characters and Leia. I don’t think Luke is the center of the title.

Odds: 5%