All of us anime fans should’ve probably seen this Star Wars: Visions manga adaptation coming. Any original anime series that becomes popular will inevitably get a manga version. This is the latest anime to get one, and I for one, am pretty excited about it.

“The Elder” Strikes Back!

Twitter image showing artwork for the manga adaptation of "Star Wars: Visions - The Elder" by Kamome Shirahama.
Not the manga adaptation I wanted to see, but it’ll do.

Twitter user @MangaMoguraRE has just posted a Tweet from Gangan Comics announcing the first manga adaptation of the first official Star Wars anime series: Star Wars: Visions. Specifically, this manga will adapt the “The Elder” episode by Studio Trigger. This manga adaptation will feature the artwork of Kamome Shirahama, who created the manga Witch Hat Atelier. Which will apparently get an anime adaptation, but details on the release date are nonexistent.

"Witch Hat Atelier" Vol. 1 cover art.
It’s so rare to find a non-isekai fantasy manga these days.

But back to the Star Wars: Visions manga adaptation, apparently it will premiere in Issue 6 of Monthly Big Gangan (a seinen manga publication known for publishing manga whose target audiences are older men). Said issue will launch on May 25, 2022. However, this appears to be a Japan-only release for now, as there is no word of an English release and the announcement is entirely in Japanese. Maybe the popularity of Star Wars: Visions will convince Disney and Lucasfilm to get a NA release for this manga? Especially since it’s not just “The Elder” that’s getting a manga adaptation?

More Star Wars: Visions Manga?

Twitter image showing the other manga adaptations of "Star Wars: Visions" schedules to appear in Monthly Big Gangan.
Now these are the manga adaptations I want to read.

Oh, yes. “The Elder” isn’t the only Star Wars: Visions episode that’s getting a manga adaptation. The same Twitter post from @MangaMoguraRE also revealed that Gangan Comics will publish an addition 3 manga adaptations of the Star Wars anime. The manga adaptations and the mangaka writing/drawing them will be, in order:

  • “Lop & Ochō” (Geno Studio) by Haruichi in Issue 7
  • “The Ninth Jedi” (Production I.G.) by Oosawa Yusuke in Issue 8
  • “The Twins” (Studio Trigger) by Satou Keisuke in Issue 9

Based on Monthly Big Gangan‘s name, it means that each issue will premiere each manga adaptation a month apart. That means the “Lop & Ochō” manga will premiere in June 2022, the “The Ninth Jedi” manga will premiere in July 2022, and the “The Twins” manga will premiere in August 2022. Unless there are delays in the manga publications due to a certain COVID-19. In which case, the publication windows might get thrown off a bit. You might want to wait a bit for official word from Gangan Comics later on them. But at the very least, with so many Star Wars: Visions episodes getting manga adaptations, maybe Disney and Lucasfilm will actually license them for NA release too? Well, we can hope.

Source: Twitter