No Man’s Sky is one of the video game world’s biggest success stories. All the more notable because it achieved this despite its disastrous launch. Well, this unexpected video game success is now further expanding on said success with their new Outlaws update, which adds, among other things, space pirates. Don’t believe me? Then check out the update trailer on YouTube for yourself below:

No Space Pirate’s Sky

I guess it’s true. We all want to become space pirates at some point in any space exploration game.

Hello Games is proud to present its Outlaws update for No Man’s Sky. This update adds a whole bunch of new features to the game, including, as I mentioned before, space pirates. Apparently, said space pirates are part of an entire criminal underworld Hello Games is adding to the game. The game will now feature “outlaw stations” that said space pirates have taken over, and are now using as bases for their criminal activities. These outlaw stations are located in outlaw systems, which will frequently see raids by these same space pirates on planets within the system.

You the player in No Man’s Sky can choose to either fight off these pirates or join up with them in their criminal activities. You can take piracy missions from these outlaw stations, smuggle illegal goods for increased profit, or attack random freighters for more goods. Sure, you’ll get in trouble with the authorities for that, but that’s what Forged Passports are for now, aren’t they?

Furthermore, there’s now an entirely new campaign in No Man’s Sky that’s all about those space pirates. The new Blighted expedition will task players with investigating a space pirate force who call themselves the “Blight”. Completing this expedition will earn you some cool loot to decorate your base with, including a Wayward Cube.

No Man’s Sky Outlaws Update: More Details

"No Man's Sky" Outlaws update cover art.
Wait, so it’s not just the space pirates?

It isn’t just the space pirates that will arrive in No Man’s Sky with the Outlaws update. New features are arriving for ships as well. This includes an entirely new class of ships: solar ships. These new ships have procedurally generated sails that deploy in space (with their own unique unfolding sequences too) to increase the ship’s speed when using their Pulse Engines. Plus, all ships now come with high-capacity inventory slots (which you can upgrade), so you won’t have to worry as much about running out of inventory slots when picking up resources. You can also now have up to 9 ships at once instead of just 6, so that’s another bonus.

"No Man's Sky" Outlaws update screenshot featuring a solar ship in orbit.
I don’t think that’s how solar sails work, but it’s fine.

The space combat mechanics in No Man’s Sky also has received an overhaul. Enemy ships now have shields you need to take down, you now have a combat autopilot for your ship, you can fight in-atmosphere (and get attacked in-atmosphere too), and the overall graphics of weapons fire, destruction, etc. have been noticeably improved. Now fighting in space should look and feel better for everyone, hopefully.

"No Man's Sky" Outlaws update screenshot featuring ships using their energy shields.
Nothing like a space bubble to protect your ship from weapons fire.

There are more details in the Outlaws update, but you can read the full list on the official website. Or perhaps you want to experience the update in No Man’s Sky for yourself? In that case, then you can purchase the game here on PC, PS4, or Xbox One and see what Hello Games have done with the game since 2016.

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