Last week we talked about Captain America 4. This week, we’re bringing you an update on Black Cat.

Black Cat has gone through many iterations and set backs over the years. A film was planned dating back to development of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Sadly, Sony could not come to terms with any of the scripts. They passed on many of them, including the well-publicized team up with Silver Sable.

We can exclusively share that Sony is once again approaching the Black Cat character. This latest script comes to us from a small indie writer-director; who had a solid debut in 2017 and had another hit in 2019. This new script has going through re-writes. So some elements may change but the fundamental details I list here should largely remain the same.

So You Want To Know About Black Cat

The film will be an origin story for the character. Following Felicia’s time with her father, Walter Hardy. Her father’s disappearance will cause her to start fending for herself, but over time a more wider conspiracy will unfold. The film’s primary antagonist will be Chameleon, with Blaze as an Enforcer.

They’re adjusting Felicia’s origin somewhat. However, I can’t share specific details, it’s a change that may upset some long time fans, even if it does streamline her story somewhat.

Finally, while casting hasn’t begun, there are some actors that the roles have been written for. Time will tell if these actors are interested or if we get a similar actor. For Felicia, Sony is interested in bringing back Felicity Jones. There won’t be a tangible connection to her role in The Amazing Spider-Man series but both the Director and Sony are said to be interested in working with her. For Walter Hardy, the studio has in mind a Sam Elliot-type

While Sony has had some issues with their previous Black Cat adaptations, this one has a lot of confidence behind it. Time will tell if this confidence will provide enough forward momentum to get this script in front of cameras, but Sony is said to be wanting to capitalize on the character before interest potentially fades. If or when Felicity Jones signs on for the role again, expect a formal announcement shortly thereafter.

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