There is one thing in heavy metal that has a 100% approval rating from me, and that’s the use of saxophone. So naturally, when Striker brings out a new track off their upcoming album Ultrapower, I’ve gotta listen. The new track “Give It All” features dueling saxophone and twin guitars on top of plenty of other retro vibes. See, that’s the whole thing Striker is going for. They feel familiar to those bands of your youth or of a time gone by, but they’re updating the sound of classic metal with a modern touch. Check out the new music video below.

Ultrapower releases on February 2nd, 2024. It follows up the magnificent Play To Win from 2018. Their new lineup that they’ve been rocking with features guitarist John Simon Fallon. Here’s what the band had to say about the new track.

“‘Give it All’ is a song written for the soundtrack of an 80s action movie that doesn’t exist. It’s for the kid risking it all to win the big game, or the down-and-out cop that’s gotta push it to the limit to survive.”

“ULTRAPOWER” is a collection of Striker tinkering and exploring new avenues. From the album’s opening track “Circle of Evil”, a Malmsteen-esque metal banger about secret societies and the evil dealings behind closed doors to their previously released single “BEST of the BEST of the BEST” serving up some big riffs and hockey arena vocals to “Blood Magic”, which might be one of Striker’s most progressive songs, taking cues from bands like King Diamond, with its unconventional structure and punctuated guitar solos. From the band delving into their obsession for late 80s AOR and pop rock with “City Calling”, an ode to 1987, and bands like Toto and Kenny Loggins with their hook-powered albums. To fans experiencing the band’s first attempt at a synth-wave track with “Live to Fight Another Day”, this new offering sees Striker making a shredding love letter to the hard-rocking era of guilty pleasures.

Ultrapower Track List

Striker Ultrapower Album Art

1. Circle of Evil – (3:44)
2. BEST of the BEST of the BEST – (3:19)
3. Give it All – (4:14)
4. Blood Magic – (4:35)
5. Sucks to Suck – (3:15)
6. Ready for Anything – (3:56)
7. City Calling – (3:45)
8. Turn the Lights Out – (2:49)
9. Thunderdome – (4:01)
10. Live to Fight Another Day – (4:00)
11. Brawl at the Pub – (3:47)
Album Length: 41:30

If you need a bit of old school mixed with new school metal in your life, give Striker a listen.

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