The PS5 to set to make its debut soon, so it’s natural that we’re starting to see ads for it. We’ve already got one live-action ad a short time ago. Now it seems we’ve got another one simply titled The Edge.

Is this ad suggesting a Discworld game is in the works?

This new live-action PS5 ad is actually quite fun. It stars an unknown young man in an itty-bitty fishing boat as he encounters a mysterious light and cloud formation off in the horizon. His response? Immediately weigh anchor and set sail for it, like a true explorer of old. Even as strange things happen to his boat like shoots and leaves sprouting from the mainmast, he still presses on undeterred and unfazed.

Those plants' image of themselves in their own mind.
Clearly, those plants can do Jedi mind tricks.

He’s not alone in this new PS5 ad though. Our brave explorer is soon accompanied by a veritable fleet of ships. Great ships of the line are seen billowing their sails right next to Viking longboats rowing their oars. 20th century ocean liners are steaming right next to strange hydroplaning ships right out of a fantasy novel. And in the air, zeppelins are floating serenely alongside mini-Ha’tak motherships, even as Chinook helicopters and WWII fighters zoom past them as they all hurtle towards the light and clouds.

A rather strange fleet from the PS5 trailer.
Onwards! To Glory! Or at least just to see what’s behind that cloud already!

Possible Hint of a Discworld Game For the PS5?

Until finally, at the end, the young man and his fishing boat sail past the clouds…right into space? Apparently, he lives on the Disc, and so does everyone else in this fleet, who all join him as they fly away into the stars. The camera pans out enough that we can see that submarines and bizarre alien whales were part of the fleet as well, but not far enough so that we can see if the world is resting on the back of four elephants standing on a giant sea turtle. A pity. It would’ve been awesome if this was all a teaser for a Discworld game for the PS5.

The Discworld atop Great A'tuin, and those other 4.
Discworld in 4K sounds fantastic.


Is this new PS5 ad a hint at a Discworld game for the PS5? Unfortunately, there’s no telling with this ad since it doesn’t zoom out that far at the end. We’ll just have to wait for more official PS5 news from Sony later, though I’ve a feeling you won’t be waiting long. Especially since the PS5 will be out this holiday season.

Source: ComicBook