It appears that even Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League misses Kevin Conroy as Batman. It was Conroy’s chance to voice Batman as a villain, and now it seems that his success will be posthumous. Don’t believe me? Then check out the clip from the game below, and listen to Conroy voice the Dark Knight one final time for yourself.

I am the Night…

Rest in peace, Kevin Conroy. We will miss you and your Batman voice.

The official YouTube channel of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League recently posted this Batman reveal trailer above. Rather appropriately, it has the title of “Shadows”. It’s just what you would expect from a Batman reveal trailer, especially when the Batman in this case is brainwashed and evil.

The Batman reveal trailer starts with the titular Suicide Squad entering an abandoned building with a rather roughed-up Flash in tow. There’s a bit of a jump scare involving a Batman cardboard cutout before the Suicide Squad gets to work barricading the entrance. Well, most of them. Captain Boomerang is more interested in threatening the unconscious Flash, and then accidentally chopping…something off of Flash.

Unfortunately, the Suicide Squad have bigger things to worry about than Captain Boomerang’s incompetence. A police officer runs towards them, screaming for help before something drags him off into the shadows high above on the building’s second floor. Harley Quinn instantly recognizes Bruce Wayne‘s signature moves and silhouette, and even seems to be happy to see him. Even amidst some very disturbing sounds, Quinn insists that “Batman doesn’t kill people.” Cue the officer dropping to the ground, with most of him basically censored out with shadows.

"Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" Batman reveal trailer key art.
Nice Dark Knight, good Caped Crusader.

Cue the Dark Knight leaping into view, with an Arkham Asylum sign flashing in the background. The Caped Crusader has the purple eyes of brainwashed craziness, just like the other members of the Justice League. He then takes out one of his knives with what looks like a detonator on the handle. Needless to say, he presses it. The screen goes to black without us finding out what (or who) he blew up. It’s safe to assume though, that police officer is probably not going to make it. Kevin Conroy then makes a final voice appearance with a dark reprisal of “I am vengeance. I am the night! I am Batman!”. Chilling indeed, and a fitting tribute to the man who’d voiced Batman for 30 years.

Fortunately, this Batman reveal trailer also reveals when we’ll see what he did with that police officer. Apparently, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will make its video game debut on May 26, 2023. The game will be for the PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and a high-end PC. So if you wanted to play it on a PS4 or Xbox One, you’re probably out of luck. Maybe hopefully, Sony and Microsoft will have fixed those supply issues by then.

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