It is getting near that time of the year again. Families sitting around a warm fire. Kids making their gift lists. And the fresh smell of cooked Porg filling every room in the house. That’s right Life Day is around the corner and it will be November 17th before you know it. For many STAR WARS fans there is only one way to celebrate Life Day and that is by watching the STAR WARS: Holiday Special. Now for some Fans they have tried to forget about and deny that it is even a part of STAR WARS. But, if one Fan / Producer has his way we might get a new Holiday Special some time in the future.

STAR WARS Holiday Special

Could the STAR WARS: Holiday Special Return?

Well if Jon Favreau has his way, he would love to do a new STAR WARS Holiday Special. After receiving the Stan Lee World Builder Award at the 2019 Saturn Awards Favreau talked with Entertainment Tonight about what other Star Wars adventures he would like to embark on. And to the surprise of many one of his answers was to reboot the 1978 STAR WARS: Holiday Special.

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“I was the one bringing The Holiday Special to the table, that’s my generation. I love The Holiday Special — certain sequences more than others — but I love the introduction of Boba Fett and that rifle that he had. That animated piece still holds up. It’s pretty cool. I draw inspiration from that, I would love to… someday maybe someday on Disney+ we’ll do a Holiday Special, too. I gotta pitch that to them.”

Is the Holiday Special Canon?

As much as fans and George Lucas hate to admit there are now parts of the Holiday Special that have became canon. It did give us our first look at the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett in an animated clip before we saw him in The Empire Strikes Back. Even in SOLO: A STAR WARS Story, Chewbacca’s family name was part of the script and was shown in the special features of the movie. And who can forget Bea Arthur’s role as Ackmena the bartender. Ackmena who looks to be STAR WARS first gay character, was talked about in the book, STAR WARS: From a Certain Point of View. So, with all this how can one argue that the Holiday Special is not canon?

Boba Fett STAR WARS Holiday Special

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What Can We Do to Make This Happen?

As much as we would like to see Favreau jump all over this he still has this little project he is working on call The Mandalorian, you may have heard of it. So, until then he asked fans to let Disney know they want a new STAR WARS: Holiday Special. And who knows, Disney+ maybe the perfect way to make this happen. Until then we can still hope to the original to be release on Blu-ray.

We Want to Hear From You

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Source: Entertainment Tonight