The PS5 is one of the most anticipated consoles right now, and it’s thanks in no small part to its DualSense controller. So it’s no surprise that when the PS5 gets a new live action trailer, it’s all about the DualSense.

A scene from the PS5's latest trailer.
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Warning: Trailer Will Probably Not Reflect Actual Gameplay

New trailers are usually pretty exciting, and this one is no exception. This brand new trailer for the PS5 may seem like gameplay at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you can tell that it’s live action. The graphics are just too good to be actual gameplay. I mean, it’d be great if the PS5’s graphics are that good, but let’s not hold out too much hope for that.

You’d almost think this was an ad for a VR game from Sword Art Online.

Curiously, you never actually see the PS5 here in this trailer, nor is it mentioned. Instead, you get a series of fantastical scenes and impressions that presumably add up to the total of the PS5 experience. In particular, this trailer seems to focus on the DualSense controller.

The DualSense peeks out once more.
Hey, I’m back!

The constant mentions of feeling the environment and the force behind each action are dead giveaways. One of the core features of the DualSense is the adaptive triggers that adjust how hard it is to pull them depending on what you’re doing in-game. The fact that this woman in the latter part of the trailer is using a bow is designed to show off that feature. You see, pulling a bow requires a certain amount of force. It’s enough force that you’d definitely feel it. No game shows this because, well, they didn’t have the equipment to do so. Now with the adaptive triggers though, you can feel more like you’re actually drawing back a bow.

At least, until VR games become the norm.

The Oculus Rift.
A look at the PS6, perhaps?


A new live action trailer was just released for the DualSense, and by extension the PS5. They’re certainly trying to build up the hype for the PS5 now, aren’t they? Well, it’s working. We’ll definitely be awaiting Holiday 2020, when the PS5 finally comes out.

Source: ComicBook