Don’t let the name fool you. Mother of the Bride has zero to do with the old family comedy, Father of the Bride. Instead, the new Netflix Rom-Com focuses on Brooke Shields as Lana whose daughter happens to be marrying the son of her college ex-boyfriend. The premise is so much fun and full of hilarious moments.

Mother of the Bride is a fun and hilarious romantic comedy focusing more on adults than the young people in the story. While yes, Miranda Cosgrove’s character is getting married that’s very much a side story. Watching Brooke Shields and Rachael Harris’s (Lucifer) best friend support and banter is one of my favorite things.

Mother of the Bride is very much a nostalgic 90s rom-com where the comedy comes from the ridiculous, but somehow relatable chaos that the characters get into. Brooke Shields is hilarious. Does anyone else remember her sitcom, Suddenly Susan? She is a comedian! I love getting to see Shields be silly, over the top, and incredibly awkward. Her chemistry with Benjamin Bratt (Miss Congeniality) is fantastic. He’s still so effortlessly charming, funny, and perfect!

It has been a minute since Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill) has been in a rom-com. The last one I remember was Cinderella Story opposite Hilary Duff. Adding him in as the super hot, smart doctor who is into the slightly older woman that is Brooke Shields was inspired. I mean, if you’re gonna compete with Benjamin Bratt you gotta pull out the big guns.

While watching Mother of the Bride you can see how much fun everyone is having. For me, that adds to the enjoyment of rom-coms overall.

Mother of the Bride is now streaming on Netflix!