Learning that Star Wars: Hunters is a free-to-play game may turn some people off from it already. However, the game seems to be eager to redeem itself with this brand new trailer below:

Basically: throw as many interesting Star Wars characters as possible at each other, and have them fight.

Zynga Star Wars is proud to unveil their new trailer for Star Wars: Hunters on YouTube. This new trailer is an entirely cinematic trailer. It contains no gameplay footage to let us see how the game works or looks. It’s only a cinematic trailer that shows off a pretty varied cast of interesting characters, and hints of the story. It is a pretty good trailer though, despite only containing cinematics. The overall tone reminds me of the Overwatch trailers, albeit shorter and much less detailed.

On top of the trailer, Zynga Star Wars also reveals some key details for Star Wars: Hunters. The game has a rather vague release date of 2022. Nothing more specific than that, I’m afraid. What is specific is what systems the game is for. We can apparently play the game on the Nintendo Switch and on mobile devices only. Maybe more systems will follow in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see they tell us next.

Star Wars: Hunters ~ Details

Screenshot from new Star Wars: Hunters trailer.
I think they’re all a bit confused about which side they’re on.

Star Wars: Hunters is an upcoming free-to-play game from Zynga. It’s basically a multiplayer arena combat game in a style similar to games like Overwatch. We have no footage of gameplay so far, but screenshots of gameplay leaked to news sites show what seems to be a pretty good-looking game for a free-to-play game.

Star Wars: Hunters gameplay screenshot.
Better than I expected, even if I set my bar really low.

You can find more details on Star Wars: Huntersofficial website. The website contains a bit of info about the new characters you see in the trailer. Not enough to tell the whole story, but just enough to interest you about them. You can also sign up to get news updates on the game there, and pre-register to get some free stuff when the game actually releases.


Star Wars: Hunters just got a brand new trailer on YouTube from Zynga. Unfortunately, it shows no gameplay footage. Fortunately, it’s a pretty nice cinematic trailer that introduces the game’s characters to us. The video also reveals a release date of 2022 in the description, as well as revealing that it will be available for the Nintendo Switch and mobile decides. Tune in later for more news as Zynga hopefully release more info about this free-to-play arena combat video game in the future.

Source: Zynga Star Wars YouTube, swhunters.com