E3 2021 has a whole bunch of stuff for us today from upcoming games, including Far Cry 6. They’ve actually got a brand new trailer do us, this time featuring hammy dictator Antón Castillo (played by Giancarlo Esposito). Check it out:

Evil always has to be hammy. It’s a rule somewhere.

Ubisoft unveiled this Far Cry 6 trailer during E3 2021’s first day on June 12, 2021. At first, it appears that the trailer is about protagonist Dani Rojas and her friend getting on a fishing boat with a bunch of other refugees, trying to get to the USA to escape their country. Unfortunately, partway through, someone stops their boat, and very loudly and noticeably executes the guy driving it. The true focus of the trailer then steps down into the lower levels of the boat where everyone was hiding, and shows us just how hammy an evil dictator has to be.

Far Cry 6: Large Ham With a Side of Giancarlo Esposito

Still from Far Cry 6 Antón trailer.
Ham goes well with evil and delicious sandwiches.

The Antón trailer for Far Cry 6 also gave us a good look at Diego Castillo: Antón’s son. Said son appears to be of a completely different stripe than his father. Namely, he’s not even the slightest bit hammy. Oh, and he’s a much nicer guy than his dictator father. Which is probably why he’s very bothered by his father casually ordering all the refugees slaughtered. Oh yeah, Antón Castillo is definitely as hammy as he is evil. It’s likely not a senseless evil either. He has a very real and vested interest in keeping people from leaving his country. It’s kind of hard to rule a country with no one in it, after all. Antón isn’t stupid, just cruel, and that’s what makes him an excellent villain for Far Cry 6.


Ubisoft just unveiled a great new trailer for Far Cry 6. Said trailer shows just how hammy and evil the game’s villain (and Giancarlo Esposito is by default) is. It’s a great show for E3 2021. We’ll eagerly await what the event will bring us next.

Source: YouTube