It seems that actor Thandiwe Newton was disappointed when her character Val was killed off in Solo: A Star Wars Story. We have learned thanks to an exclusive interview from Inverse, that Val was not supposed to die in the 2018 stand-alone film Solo and that Newton was disappointed that she did. Here is what Thandiwe Newton had to say during Inverse interview.

Thandiwe Newton Is Disappointed In Val’s Death In Solo: A Star Wars Story

Thandiwe Newton

During an interview with Inverse, Thandiwe Newton not only revealed that her character Val wasn’t supposed to die in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but she was also disappointed when her character didn’t make it out alive from the blast.

“I felt disappointed by Star Wars that my character was killed,” Newton said of her character’s demise. “And, actually, in the script, she wasn’t killed. It happened during filming.”

She would go on and say that Val was still supposed to be involved in the explosion and be blown into space “and you don’t know where she’s gone.” But after going through a director change and a bunch of reshoots, Newton said scheduling was just too tight and that the decision was made to have Val die in the explosion instead.

It Was A Mistake To Kill Val Off

Newton also didn’t hold back calling the decision to kill off Val a “big, big mistake.”

That’s what it originally was: that the explosion and she falls out and you don’t know where she’s gone. So I could have come back at some point. But when we came to filming, as far as I was concerned and was aware, when it came to filming that scene, it was too huge a set-piece to create, so they just had me blow up and I’m done. But I remembered at the time thinking, “This is a big, big mistake” — not because of me, not because I wanted to come back. You don’t kill off the first Black woman to ever have a real role in a Star Wars movie. Like, are you fucking joking?

Thandiwe Newton

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