The Nintendo Switch has passed up the PlayStation 1 in worldwide sales according to Their estimate puts the Nintendo Switch at 102.81 million units sold. That puts it past the PS1’s total of 102.5 million units sold. Famously, the PlayStation was originally a joint Sony/Nintendo venture, until Nintendo changed their mind at the last minute. The Switch sold 341,662 units for the week ending on January 15th, 2021.

Passing up the venerated PS1 makes it the fifth highest-selling video game console of all time. Next up for the Switch is the PlayStation 4 which sold 116.58 million units to date. Following that, it’s another Nintendo console with the original Game Boy at 118.69 units. To get there, Nintendo needs to sell 13.77 million units and 15.88 million to get past the Game Boy.

After the horrific failure of the WiiU, the Switch is a resounding success for Nintendo. The Switch launched on March 3rd, 2017, and took almost five years to get here. The PlayStation 4 is still in production, so that gap for Nintendo could widen just a bit. Of course, these figures are taking into account the three variations on the Switch: the normal, Lite, and OLED model.

There are always rumors about a new updated console coming from Nintendo, but with the Switch selling this well still, it makes sense to keep it around for longer.

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