Oxygen Not Included has a new update for us now. This time, they’re improving those rockets the Duplicants are constantly blasting off (and dying) in.

Oxygen Not Included Rocketry Renovation update art.
That poor Duplicant just wanted to use the toilet…

Klei Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of their Rocketry Renovation update for Oxygen Not Included. This update is mostly for the Spaced Out! DLC, but there are also a couple changes to the base game. The update went live on August 26, 2021. If you’re playing this game on Steam, and you haven’t received the update yet, check the Steam download page in your Steam Library. It should be there, waiting for you.

The news of this Oxygen Not Included update came over both the Klei Entertainment forums and on Steam. Although, if you want the full list of change the update made to the game, I would suggest going to the Klei forums. The details there are much more extensive.

Rocketry Renovation Update: Details

Everything looks cuter IN SPACE!

So what’s exactly changing in Oxygen Not Included with this Rocketry Renovation update? Well, for starters: liquids and gasses can now be piped out of the interiors of your Spacefarer Modules (i.e. your spaceships). You can do this even while your spaceship is in flight. That means you now no longer have to have places to store carbon dioxide, waste, etc.. Just vent it all out into space, and you’re fine.

Speaking of waste, you can now install a Wall Toilet in your spaceship. All you need is a wall and clear space (or just space period) behind the wall to vent into, and presto! You now have a plumbing-free toilet for your spaceship in Oxygen Not Included.

You can now also build a Ladder Bed for your Duplicants. These are beds that function as tiles, and have a low quality ladder attached to the front. This means that you can stack these beds vertically for maximum space efficiency. Do note though that your Duplicants apparently don’t like other Duplicants using the ladder part while they’re sleeping. So keep that in mind when you build them.

Lastly, your spaceships now come with an “ABANDON SHIP” feature. This feature makes your spaceship self-destruct when you turn it on. Don’t worry about any Duplicants onboard though. They’ll be launched towards the nearest discovered asteroid in a high speed Escape Pod so that you can pick them up later. Hopefully. You can even recover some of the resources onboard your spaceship in the form of Spacecraft Debris.

And that’s it for main changes to Oxygen Not Included with this update. You can find the full list of changes on the Klei Entertainment forums above.


Klei Entertainment just released their Rocketry Renovation update for their Oxygen Not Included video game. This update mostly contains some cool changes to your spaceships in the Spaced Out! DLC, making them easier to use. The update went live on August 26, 2021; so if you happen to have the DLC, check it out.

Source: Klei Entertainment forum, Steam