Oxygen Not Included has a breath of fresh air for you players. In the form of a new update, that is.

Oxygen Not Included: A Breath of Fresh Air update.
Well, doesn’t someone look peppy?

Klei Entertainment announced on July 15, 2021 that their A Breath of Fresh Air update for Oxygen Not Included just went live. Note that this is an update for both the base game and the Spaced Out! DLC. If you own a copy of the game, you should already have gotten this update by now. If not, check your downloads page to see if it is there waiting for you like a good little Duplicant with no orders to follow.

Oxygen Not Included: A Breath of Fresh Air Update ~ Details

Everything you need to know about the game. All in a single handy trailer.

The primary change in this A Breath of Fresh Air update is to the coding. Previously, Oxygen Not Included had a different codebase than the Spaced Out! DLC. This meant that bug fixes and patches for one game would only work on that game. The developers needed to make separate fixes and patches for each versions of the game. Now though, both games have a unified codebase. This means fixes and patches now apply to both games at once. This means that said fixes and patches will arrive sooner for all players. Plus, this also lessens the work for the developers, so there’s some good news there.

Speaking of which, this update also introduces some changes from Spaced Out! to the base Oxygen Not Included game. Some of these changes include new traits for your Duplicants, some shuffling of the tech tree, updated food storage mechanics, meter valves for precisely sending stuff, and Oxygen Masks as a new low tier suit so that your Duplicants can toil away for you for longer periods in low oxygen environments. You can check out the full update in Klei Entertainment’s blog above.


Oxygen Not Included just got a major update from Klei Entertainment. The new A Breath of Fresh Air update unifies the codebases for the base game and the Spaced Out! DLC. This will speed up fixes and patches to both games, like the ones that got added in with this update. Curious? Then check out this sci-fi survival simulation game for yourself on Steam and other platforms.

Source: Klei Entertainment