While it’s not quite a Pokemon Go version of Attack on Titan, this new game from Funimation seems pretty similar. If a watered-down version.

The Attack on Titan AR filter at work.
Wild Titan appeared!

Funimation formally announces a new Attack on Titan augmented reality filter for your smartphone. What’s an augmented reality filter, you might ask? Well, have you ever heard of Pokemon Go? Yeah, this is basically the watered-down version, but with Titans. You can download this filter onto your smartphone now for Instagram or Facebook.

Attack on Titan Go Lite: Details

Basically, what happens with this Attack on Titan augmented reality filter is that once you’ve downloaded the app onto your smartphone, it will tell you when a wild Titan has appeared in your vicinity. And by “it”, I mean Jessica Calvello: the English voice of Hange Zoe.

Hange Zoe sending you a Titan alert on the Attack on Titan AR filter.
An oddly cheerful report.

Once Zoe has sent you this alert, you’re supposed to look around with your phone to find the Titan. Then you’re supposed to take a picture of it as a recon report. Normally, you’d be dead if a Titan was that close to you. But thankfully, all these Titans do is pose while you take a selfie with them, and then upload the photos to your social media page for kicks. Hardly Attack on Titan canon, but then again, this is just a game. Or something that passes for one, at any rate. Even compared to the other Attack on Titan games out there.

Attack on Titan 2016 game screenshot.
Now this is a video game.

It’s hard to imagine what Funimation can do with this Attack on Titan AR filter without completely breaking with canon though. Maybe once you take enough recon photos of a Titan, it summons the main characters to your location? The main characters could then have an epic battle with the Titan for you to snap photos of. But, this is just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.


Funimation has just released an Attack on Titan reality filter for your smartphone. Really, just think of the app as Attack on Titan Go Lite. Unless you’re a rabid fan of this anime, you’re better off playing Pokemon Go.

Source: Funimation