Killer7 appears to be returning to us for the Nintendo Switch, according to some leaked intel. You might want to take this leak with a bit of salt though, as with all leaks.

The 8 members of the Killer7.
Wait, shouldn’t they be the Killer8 then?

Seven Heaven Smiles A’Thrillin’

When Killer7 by Suda51’s very own Grasshopper Manufacture came out for the Nintendo GameCube and PS2 in 2005, it blew gamers’ minds. Reviewers’ as well. You either loved it or hated it; there was no in-between. The one thing people could agree on was that Killer7 was one of the most bizarre games they’ve ever played. It was an instant recipe for a cult classic. So much so that it got a port to PC via Steam just back in November 2018 with rave reviews.


Now it seems Killer7‘s success on Steam has spurred Nintendo to port it even more. Recently, an unidentified executive producer at Engine Software revealed on their LinkIn page that they’re porting Killer7 to the Nintendo Switch. And that’s the extent of the leak.

Remember the salt kids, but not too much.

There are unfortunately no other details on this Killer7 port. This executive producer mentions no release date, nor does he give any additional details. It’d be nice if the Switch version had some more content to go with the port, like that cut content Suda51 mentioned a while back.

A Killer7 Director’s Cut?

According to Goichi Suda, also known by his nickname of Suda51, Killer7 had a lot of content cut from it by the time of its release. About 2/3 of the map size and even plot were cut from the final version of the game, which may partially explain why the current plot is so bizarre. The cut content also included 3 hours worth of cutscenes, as opposed to the 1 hour in the game we got.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ll see a Director’s Cut of Killer7 for the foreseeable future, even in this new Switch port. Putting all of the cut content back into the game is practically a development cycle all on its own, and Suda51 is just a tad too busy with No More Heroes III for that. We’ll just have to put Killer7: The Director’s Cut on our wishlist to Santa for a future release.


Killer7 is getting a port to the Nintendo Switch. We have no idea when, and we have no idea what form it will take when it finally arrives. All we know is that it’s probably coming. As with all leaks though, here’s some advice:

A grain of salt for your leak?
Taste the salt.

Always take all unconfirmed and unofficial leaks with a grain of salt.

Source: ComicBook