Oxygen Not Included has got some big news for us in the form of an update. Specifically: the Big Merge update.

Oxygen Not Included: The Big Merge Update.
Wow, now that looks adorably nightmarish.

Klei Entertainment is proud to announce the Big Merge update for Oxygen Not Included. Specifically, this update is for all owners of the Spaced Out DLC (for now). The update went live on June 22, 2021; so you should be seeing this update by now if you own the DLC. If not, check your Steam download page. It may be waiting for you to download there.

Oxygen Not Included: The Big Merge ~ Details

Everything is always better in space.

As mentioned before, the Big Merge update is specifically for the Spaced Out DLC. However, the whole premise of this update is that it features a merging of the codebases of both this DLC and the base Oxygen Not Included game. Klei Entertainment intends to use the improvements, new features, and bug fixes in Spaced Out to improve the base game over the next few updates. For now, though, these updates will only be for owners of Spaced Out.

What are these improvements to the base Oxygen Not Included game, you might ask? Well, for starters, the base game will eventually see new traits for your duplicates, including traits that grant new skills. The tech tree will also see some shuffling around, including but not limited to moving all of the Conveyor Rail tech 1 tier earlier, so you can get them faster. There’s also going to be an updated food storage/refrigeration mechanics too. Both Meter Valves and Oxygen Masks (for your suffocating duplicants) will finally be in the base game. The base game will also feature suit durability mechanics, although they will be turned off by default. The “Stinging eye” debuff and related debuffs will be a new threat to your duplicants, especially when handling chlorine. There will be a host of UI improvements, including a Diagnostics panel and an updated Resource screen. Finally, everyone will be able to use the Demolition skill, so blow things up to your heart’s content.


The Spaced Out DLC for Oxygen Not Included gets a new update with the Big Merge update. This update features a merging of the 2 games, and appears to be a testbed for when Klei Entertainment introduces this to the base game. Looks like the survival of our colonies of slightly dimwitted duplicants are about to get a bit more…interesting.

Source: Klei Entertainment