Bad news for any Strike Witches fans out there, because now we have to wait until next year to see the Luminous Witches dance on screen.

Those of you who can’t read Japanese, wait a bit for the bad news below.

Luminous Witches officially announces that the anime will now air in 2022, instead of the original 2021 release date. This announcement came through their official website and on their Twitter account. They give no reason for the delay aside from “various circumstances”. However, it’s pretty easy to guess why. You know, because of a certain virus ravaging the world right now, including Japan? Yeah, COVID-19 still manages to suck even well over a year after its release.

Luminous Witches makes no specific mention of when exactly the new release date will come out to aside from 2022. They do mention though that they will release details of the new broadcast schedule on their official website and on Twitter. That is, when they have decided what those details actually are. Let’s hope that’s soon.

Luminous Witches: Until Next Year

Luminous Witches single "Flying Skyhigh" art.
Another year until we get more Strike Witches.

To be honest, we Strike Witches fans should’ve seen this coming. It’s been 11 months since the last trailer for Luminous Witches debuted back in September 21, 2020, and that was a really short trailer. At only 47 seconds, this is more of a teaser trailer than anything else. It is amusing, but frankly, it’s still not much.

Savor those 47 seconds. It’s all we’re getting until 2022.

The only other thing that would qualify as a teaser trailer is a little music video from August 27, 2020. It’s a music single called “Flying Skyhigh” ostensibly by the Luminous Witches, containing a pair of songs. It’s obviously to promote the anime, but again, it’s been a year since that single. Without any news since then aside from the delay news, it’s only natural to assume that delays have happened.

Well, we’ll just have to be content until next year.


The Luminous Witches anime has delayed their release from this year to next year in 2022. To all us Strike Witches fans, it’s a bit of a blow to morale. To anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, check out Strike Witches on Funimation, and see if you like watching an anime series about magical girls with WWII guns fighting aliens.

Source: Luminous Witches, Twitter