Star Wars Celebration is a mere three months away in Chicago, Illinois, and we have not heard hardly anything about what is happening. Today, that changed as the Celebration website posted some of the incredible voice talents that will be attending Celebration. And here they are:

celebration voices

This is a great start for the panels/autographers at Celebration. Of course there will be more, but this group of voice actors are not only the cream of the crop, but each represents an active era of Star Wars cartoons.

The Star Wars Celebration Voices

Sean, McGrath and Lawrence are from the latest entry into the animated Star Wars universe. Resistance just wrapped up the first half of its first season. I am not quite sure if season 1 will be completely wrapped by Celebration, but it would be cool to see what they thought of their first season and if they have any leaks about season 2.

You can never go wrong with a class act like James Arnold Taylor. He brought us Clone Wars Kenobi along with other voices. It would be great to reminisce about the past, he may be able to shed some light on what we can expect from the next season of Clone Wars coming to Disney+ this fall. If he does some talking on a panel, we can hope for some footage to accompany him or perhaps a new trailer.

Iden Versio actress Janina Gavankar. (Photo: FayesVision/

Janina Gavankar may have had a limited role in Battlefront 2, but no actor/actress has embraced a role as much as Janina. She could bring the part of Iden Versio to real life. If not that, she has practically campaigned to play any other part. She would be a great addition to any Star Wars cast. (You listening Favreau?)

Lastly we have Matthew Wood, also from the Clone Wars. Wood was the voice behind General Grievous. Again, he may shed some insight into what is coming in the latest season of Clone Wars.

There will be many more attending Celebration. You can count on it, so stay tuned for more updates. It will be curious to see where the focus will lay with The Mandalorian, Clone Wars, and Episode IX all coming out this year. Also, how many secrets will be kept to avoid stealing a spotlight from Avengers: Endgame?