Now we’re getting somewhere. Sure, it took Star Wars Resistance a while to gain some traction. Over the past couple of episodes, however, the show heralded as providing an in-depth look at the pre-Force Awakens era is finally beginning to deliver. Resistance Ep. 10, ‘Station Theta Black’, at last dives deeper into the beginnings of the First Order.

Resistance Ep. 10 teams Kaz once again with Poe Dameron. In the episode, Kaz delivers a copy of the First Order’s proposal to Captain Doza straight to the top. The Tantive IV makes an appearance, and we see Leia in Resistance for the first time other than in a hologram. (More on that later.) Leia congratulates Kaz on his good work, and informs him that his intel has led the Resistance to locate a secret First Order base. Of course Poe and Kaz have to investigate…. But not before Leia gives Poe specific instruction to not engage the enemy.

Resistance Ep. 10

Image: Disney

Resistance Ep. 10: Of Course Poe Engages the Enemy

Oscar Isaac reprises his Poe Dameron role with the same comic flare he’s exhibited on film. Upon landing on and exploring Station Theta Black, Poe and Kaz encounter Phasma’s Stormtroopers. “I’m not engaging you, I’m not engaging you,” Poe repeats. “I’m just aiming my blaster at these explosives.”  That went about as well as you’d imagine, as Poe blasts the explosives, part of the First Order’s plan to demolish the station. Poe and Kaz flee, with Phasma and her Stormtroopers in hot pursuit.

Resistance Ep. 10

Image: Disney

There’s a lot going on in Resistance Ep. 10. We get to see some good dogfighting as Major Vonrag pursues Poe and Kaz in his crimson-colored TIE Interceptor. Phasma even gets into the action, though I wish she didn’t. Phasma was meant to be an imposing and formidable character. It turns out she’s just as bad of a shot as the rest of the Stormtroopers.

Resistance Ep. 10 further gives us an uptick in Kaz’s maturity. He saves Poe this time, and exhibits true piloting skill unseen before. Kaz uses an asteroid to avoid the massive explosion when Phasma destroys the evidence at the base. What was that evidence? Proof that the First Order is manufacturing weapons on a large scale. And with that we’re fully into the First Order’s rise, and the rise of the Resistance to meet it.

Thus Truly Begins the Era of Resistance

Leia admits that the Senate likely won’t do anything about it, making the Resistance all the more important. Carolyn Hennesy portrays Leia with an incredible voice likeness in Resistance Ep. 10, though she wasn’t meant to originally. Conversely, the role originally belonged to Rachel Butera. We reported to you some time ago that Butera came under fire for mocking Brett Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Chrstine Blasey Ford. It seems Disney has quietly put the issue to bed by replacing Butera with Hennesy.

Image: Disney

With its mid-season finale in Resistance Ep. 10, the animated Star Wars series delivered what we’d been hoping for all along. The intrigue, tension, battles and character development of the episode are all good signs for Star Wars Resistance as it enters the second half of its first season.

Star Wars: Resistance airs on the Disney Channel, Sunday nights at 10:00 pm.


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