If you’re like me, you’ve been anxious since last July to learn more details about The Clone Wars season 7. Dave Filoni dropped a bomb on Star Wars fans at San Diego Comic-Con when he announced the show’s revival. As you know, Disney cancelled the fan-favorite show in favor of Star Wars Rebels. While we’ve known Clone Wars would return, we haven’t gotten much more information than that… until now.

Star Wars in 2019

Entertainment Weekly recently recapped all things coming for Star Wars in 2019. Among them was the confirmation of what we already suspected and expected. Clone Wars season 7 will debut on Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, in 2019. (EW likewise confirmed that Jon Favreau’s live-action series The Mandalorian will also debut later this year.) However, the publication also revealed some news that may temper fans’ excitement for the show’s return. While fans had grown accustomed to 20-22 episode-long seasons, Clone Wars season 7 will be far shorter.

Clone Wars Season 7 to Feature only 12 Episodes

With Disney+ only serving up 12 episodes, it seems that Clone Wars season 7 will be more like season 6, part 2. When Disney cancelled The Clone Wars (some say because it was too graphic), production on season 6 was under way, and cut short. Consequently. Season 6 ran for only 13 episodes.

Clone Wars Season 7

Dave Filoni has discussed the daunting task of bringing the beloved show back, and the difficulties in doing so. He’s also admitted that there was more of The Clone Wars story to tell. Here’s hoping 12 episodes of The Clone Wars season 7 is enough.

Matt Lanter, Ashley Eckstein, and James Arnold Taylor will all return for Clone Wars season 7 to reprise their roles as Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan, respectively. Joining them, of course, will be Dee Bradley Baker as the indomitable Captain Rex.

Stay tuned here for more information on the Clone Wars season 7, The Mandalorian, and all things Star Wars!

Source: Entertainment Weekly