Theon Greyjoy – A Hero Redeemed

Where does one start with Theon. That conniving, sniveling Son of a mutt betrayed the Starks and everyone he should have cared about, but then his own machinations led him to a life of torture and enslavement. Theon broke in every sense of the word, physically and mentally.

Then we slowly watch him rebuild himself. Sure there are some setbacks, but he generally made the right choices. Fleeing Euron may have seemed cowardly, but let’s face it. A fight with Euron would mean Theon would be dead.

Theon remained desperate to prove himself to the Starks and everyone he hurt. The pain was obvious. We witness a nice truce with Sansa as they ate. Sansa holds no ill will. Theon confronts Jon, but Jon knows enough to let the past stay in the past.

It is the confrontation with Bran that really struck home. Theon wants to apologize for all that he had done, but Bran has the wisdom of the ages. Bran cuts off Theon’s apology by saying “Everything you did brought to where you are now – where you belong. Home.” That statement belongs amongst the greatest lines in history. Pages could be written about its importance and meaning.

The fight ensues and Theon fights until he alone remains. We see him wrecking white walker after white walker with his staff until there are no more. The mob standing in the doorway does not advance. Instead they part and the Night King comes forth. Theon knows he cannot take him, but before the end, Bran makes sure to tell him “You’re a good man. Thank you.”

Acceptance is all Theon has ever sought, but he could never find what was right under his nose, until now. Theon summons up all that he is and charges to his death.

Most fans hated him in the beginning, but have long since made peace with his actions as he has redeemed himself over the seasons. His final stand was brave, heroic, and gave Theon the redemption he deserved.