Arya Stark – Instrument of Death

How do you not talk about the tornado of death herself – Arya Stark. We knew she had stealth. We knew she could assassinate, but did anyone think she could fight THAT well? She jumps into the middle of the zombies and starts slicing and dicing them like they were watermelons. Not only that but we see her weapon from Gendry. It was a staff with dragon glass on either side, but when fights shrink and maneuverability disappears, it can be separated into ‘short swords’. It is the perfect weapon for our amazing fighter.

Not only that, but we see her meet with Melisandre as predicted after dodging zombies. Arya says “You said we’d meet again. You said I’d shut many eyes forever. You were right about that, too.”

Melisandre has a mystic response that no one understands at the time, but can’t help but return to it when the realization hits us. “Brown eyes, green eyes—and blue eyes.” There was an emphasis on the blue eyes. Of all the blue eyes, I do not think it connected with anyone who the blue eyed target was UNTIL! When all hope is lost and Bran is about to die, who comes flying out of the shadows to kill the Night King, but Arya!

When she gets caught by the throat, my first thought is “Oh shit. She’s gonna die.” Wrong person. A dagger drops not out of despair but to check mate the Night King. Everyone’s little girl has grown into quite the bad ass.