Even though the body count stands at 8 major characters, it is hard to believe more main characters are not dead. Jamie, Sam, Brienne, Greyworm, Tormund and a few others were all in the vanguard, yet they all lived. Are they immune to death now? Or does Cersei accomplish what a horde of Zombies could not? It is the difference between mindless hacking and experienced swordsman. Here are the top characters and their moments in episode 3.

Lyanna Mormont – Heart of the Bear

One of the biggest stand outs has to be little Lyanna Mormont. This plucky little girl has led House Mormont for awhile now. She is 13 in season 8, but she refused to be cowed or back down from a fight. She was no fighter, but she refused to let that stop her. Naturally, she dies doing what no one else could. Where other men ran, Lyanna charges the giant. He picks her up and begins to crush her tiny little body. It was heart wrenching, but before she goes, she manages to dragon-glass the giant in the eye, killing him as well. She was a mighty leader and warrior in the end.