It appears that the co-creator for the Stargate franchise had some interesting plans for a 4th gate design for a future series. Now if only he can get someone to fund him for that series. Maybe Amazon can help now that they own MGM?

A 4th Gate For Earthlings?

I love how Stargate still has this dedicated fanbase for it even after all these years.

Stargate fan website GateWorld recently revealed a bit of interesting news from The Companion’s “Stargate Legacy” podcast for the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Apparently, Brad Wright (the co-creator for every single live action Stargate series) revealed his plans for a 4th gate design he planned to use for a future 4th series. Whenever he gets the funding for it, that is.

According to Wright, this 4th gate would be an entirely human-made design, built using entirely human-made components. In addition to causing humanity to come full circle with the gate-building, this new locally made gate would’ve even featured improvements over the initial Ancient design. The most notable improvement would be the dialing speed. Unlike the slow, ponderous dialup sequence of the first stargate in SG-1, according to Wright:

“In my pilot script that I wrote … a couple of years ago, when MGM asked me to write a pilot script for a new show, I had an entirely new, human-built Stargate. And it just spun up like crazy and then…[rapidly locked each chevron into place to establish a wormhole.] I thought it’s about time that we sped up the process, after 25 years! Don’t you think? It’s cool. It’s really cool, at least in the script.”

Brad Wright also revealed that this 4th live action series would have the Stargate be public knowledge, thus explaining how this human-made gate could be designed and built. Sadly, as we all know, such plans never came to fruition. You can thank COVID-19 for that. Wright actually finished the pilot script for this new series in early 2020, only for COVID-19 to shut down all film and TV production that year, including for this new Stargate series. Alas, that’s the way the chevron locks.

Human-Built Stargate: Opinion

Artist Brentan Harron's concept sketch for Orlin's Stargate. From Stargate SG-1's "Ascension".
I would love to see this kind of cobbled-together gate in use.

Personally, I would love to see this kind of a human-made gate design appear in a future Stargate series. It’d be a clear-cut example of just how far humanity has reached in terms of tech level for them to begin to build their own gates, and not just use a pre-existing Ancient gate network. Not only would building their own gates open up massive potentials for interstellar colonization on worlds without gates, but also open up interesting new weapons and defense systems. We’ve seen before that a wormhole can be a powerful offensive and defensive tool. A human-built gate could be used as the barrel for a very big gun that can connect to and fire out of any human-built gate. Bonus points if it can also link to the Ancient gate networks.

That said, we’ll have to wait for said future Stargate series to materialize first. Maybe Amazon can help out with that? You know, now that they own the franchise along with the rest of MGM? Just a suggestion.

Source: GateWorld